Theatre of Measurement at Kunstverein München

Latest rotation of  Theatre of Measurement opens Friday 15 September 2017

Vartan Avakian . Teresa Solar Abboud . Piotr Bosacki . Stanley Brouwnm . Liudvikas Buklys . Nina Canell . Atttila Csörgő . Antanas Gerlikas . Silvia Hell . Rebecca Erin Moran . Falke Pisano . Annaïk Lou Pitteloud . Jonas von Ostrowski

Kunstverein München presents Theatre of Measurement – an ongoing group exhibition in (and out of) the Schaufenster am Hofgarten. The curators have invited Munich-based artist Jonas von Ostrowski to operate as the exhibition’s scenographer to accentuate the physical structure of the Schaufenster and to responsively frame and support a selection of objects by international artists. These will be presented at specific intervals throughout the year within the Schaufenster, but also within the Kunstverein’s Kino, its Foyer, or in other off-site locations and times.


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